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Misplaced Traditions

British lawyers, colonial peoples


Misplaced Traditions is a special issue (Volume 16 No 1) of the journal Law in Context.

Table of Contents

Misplaced Traditions: British Lawyers, Colonial Peoples
Rob McQueen and W Wesley Pue

A Convict Conservative: George Crossley and the English Legal Tradition
Bruce Kercher

Of Wigs and Gowns: A Short History of Legal and Judicial Dress in Australia
Rob McQueen

The Lawyers’ Self: Sketches on Establishing a Professional Identity in South Africa 1900-1925
Martin Chanock

British Masculinities, Canadian Lawyers: Canadian Legal Education, 1900-1930
W Wesley Pue

The Legal Profession and the Transfer of Sovereignty: Hong Kong
Jill Cottrell and Yash Ghai

Context and Dominion: The Law in Independent Trinidad and Tobago
Kusha Haraksingh

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