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The Perils of Urban Consolidation


In this book, Troy takes full account of the infrastructure, environmental, social justice issues and accommodation needs in urban planning area and offers a fairer, more prudent and environmentally sound alternative to current policies.

This is a provocative and illuminating study that is enhanced by Troy’s background in engineering, town planning, public policy, administration and urban research.


[T]his is an excellent contribution to the debate on emerging urban form and structure and should be required reading for all planners and urban designers, particularly those who feel current urban living patterns are inappropriate, uneconomic and/or unsustainable. At no stage does Troy deny that there are problems with current urban development. What he rightly takes issue with is what are the appropriate and achievable measures with which to confront such problems. - Australian Geographical Studies

Table of Contents

Flaws in the Figures or Demographic Changes and Housing Choice
Infrastructure and Housing Costs
The Environmental Imperative
Efficiency and Equity of Policy Measures
Democracy, Participation and Citizenship
An Alternative Urban Policy


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