2nd edition (New edition)

Personal Property Security Law 2/e


This book examines the legal framework for secured credit set out in the Personal Property Security Act. First proclaimed by Ontario in 1976, the PPSA is in force today in all nine common law provinces and the three federal territories. This second edition updates the area of personal property security law in Canada with new caselaw, including some important SCC cases clarifying the law or providing the conceptual basis for its further amplification. In addition, the book covers significant changes to legislation which interfaces with the PPSA, such as the Securities Transfer Acts and their Quebec equivalent, now brought into effect in most Canadian jurisdictions.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
List of Canadian Personal Property Security Act and Abbreviations
Chapter 1: Introduction and General Considerations
Chapter 2: The Concept of Security Interest and Scope of the Personal Property Security Act
Chapter 3: Conflict of Laws
Chapter 4: Creation of a PPSA Security Interest
Chapter 5: Perfection
Chapter 6: The Registration System
Chapter 7: Transferees of Collateral
Chapter 8: Competitions Among Secured Parties
Chapter 9: Competitions with Other Claimants
Chapter 10: The Effects of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Proceedings on Security Interests
Chapter 11: Following and Tracing into New Forms of Collateral
Chapter 12: Remedies
Chapter 13: National and International Security Interests
Table of Cases

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