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Police Leadership in Australasia


This is a valuable contribution to the growing literature on policing in Australasia. It provides valuable insights into the challenges currently faced and likely to be faced, by police and law enforcement leaders. The book, through the inclusion of chapters by some of the most vocal critics of policing, provides a balanced and objective account of where policing is today and where it must be in the future.

This book, written by a number of prominent police and criminal justice leaders, is a positive and tangible step towards the professionalism of policing.

Table of Contents

John Avery

Mick Palmer & Barbara Etter

The Way It Is: The Environment of the 1990s
Mick Palmer

Strategic Management in Policing including the Future Role of Police
David Hunt

Nurturing Innovative Patrol Strategies: Environment and Leadership Implications
Tony Lauer

The Fight Against Organised Crime: The Importance of Cooperation
Tom Sherman

Public Accountability and External Review of Police Conduct
David Landa and Hugh Dillon

The Management of Criminal Investigations
Ian Temby

Policy Issues in Policing Aboriginal People
Hal Wootten

Skills and Qualities Required of Police Leaders, Now and in the Future
Richard Macdonald

The Strategic Transformation of Policing from Occupational to Professional Status
Tim Rohl and Rowan Barnsley

You can Run, But You Can't Hide: Dealing with the Media or Chief Executives
Jane Munday

Mastering Innovation and Change in Police Agencies
Barbara Etter

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