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Preventing Violence in Australia

Policy, Practice and Solutions


This book has been written for all of those who are interested in understanding and preventing violence in Australia. Whether it occurs in the home, in the workplace, whilst out socialising or on the sports field, the personal, social, and economic costs of violence are often profound. Not only does it damage the physical and psychological health of those who are directly involved, but it also impacts adversely on many others - including witnesses, family and friends, and those law enforcement and health professionals who are expected to respond. And yet, there have been few previous attempts to draw together the various disciplinary and professional perspectives on how we might approach the task of preventing violence in Australia.

This book has been written by experts in violence prevention, whether they be forensic, clinical and developmental psychologists, criminologists and sociologists, social workers, or specialists in public policy, law, and education. They tell us how they understand violence and about those prevention strategies that they know to be effective.

Table of Contents

Violence in Australia: Policy, Practice, and Solutions
Andrew Day and Ephrem Fernandez

Violence in Australia and its Victims: A Case for Victims’ Rights and Victim Assistance
Michael O’Connell

Understanding Homicide in Australia: Exploring Perpetrator Accounts
Paul Mazerolle, Li Eriksson, Richard Wortley and Holly Johnson

Violence Prevention and Early Intervention: What Works?
John W Toumbourou, Rachel K Leung, Ross Homel, Kate Freiberg, Lata Satyen and Sheryl A Hemphill

Bullying in Australian Schools: Causes, Consequences, and Proposed Solutions
Ken Rigby

Youth Violence and Mental Health: Associations and Emerging Service Responses
Gennady Baksheev and Rosemary Purcell

Assessing Violence Risk
Sarah J Brown

The Problem of Workplace Violence: A Focus on the Mental Health Sector
Michael Daffern, Tessa Maguire, Andrew Carroll and Brian McKenna

Alcohol and Interpersonal Violence: A Symbiotic Relationship
Peter Miller and Steven Litherland

Treating the Seriously Violent: The New Zealand Experience
Devon L L Polaschek

Legal Response to Racially-motivated Violence against Ethnic Minorities: Two Australian Case Studies
Alperhan Babacan

Cultural Relativism and Indigenous Family Violence
Paul Memmott, Daphne Nash and Charles Passi

Violence, Masculinity and Age: Theoretical Linkages and Practice Implications
Tatiana Corrales

Domestic Violence against Women: Policy, Practice and Solutions in the Australian Context
Donna Chung and Sarah Wendt

Violence in Australia: Some Policy Directions and Challenges
Georgina Fuller and Adam Tomison

Conclusions and Future Directions
Ephrem Fernandez and Andrew Day

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