Institute of Criminology, Sydney

The Prison and the Home


In recent years, prison populations have expanded and new community-based sanctions have been instituted: penal culture has affected a much wider sphere of social life. The distinction between “the prison” and “the home” has been blurred by developments such as electronically-monitored home imprisonment.

Aungles examines the intersection of the prison and the home across a range of societies and the implications of current trends. This is a major theoretical work based upon research in New South Wales.

Table of Contents

The Social Construction of Domesticity and Penality
The Prison and the Home: Four modes of incorporation
The Social Sciences and the Home and the Prison
Labouring, Loving and Controlling: Caring for imprisoned men in New South Wales
Penality, Domesticity and Control
Domesticity and Community Control
Further Layers of the Contradiction: Changes since 1988
Conclusion: Theoretical significance of the prison and the home


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