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Public Law in the Age of Statutes

Essays in Honour of Dennis Pearce


Inspired by and honouring the contribution to Australian public law of Dennis Pearce, this collection of essays by some of Australia’s most influential legal thinkers explores how the ascendency of statutes over the past few decades has come to influence the development of Australian public law. A range of current issues relating to statutory interpretation, judicial review, delegated legislation, law reform, and the culture of government are addressed here through an examination of the role of courts, tribunals, inquiries, Ombudsman offices, and freedom of information agencies.

The collection provides a thorough and topical study of the role played by statutes in defining the scope of government authority and in holding that authority to account. It will serve as an invaluable resource for legal practitioners, academics, students, and others interested in the challenges confronting Australian public law and the regulation of government in “the age of statutes.”

Contributing authors include Margaret Allars, AJ Brown, Stephen Gageler, Susan Kenny, John McMillan, Linda Pearson, Cheryl Saunders, and Daniel Stewart.

Table of Contents

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Notes on Contributors
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes

1.  Public Law and a Public Lawyer in the Age of Statutes
             Anthony J Connolly and Daniel Stewart

2.  The Master of Words: Who Chooses Statutory Meaning?
             Stephen Gageler

3.  Constitutional Dimensions of Statutory Interpretation
             Cheryl Saunders

4.  Executive Versus Judiciary Revisited
             Margaret Allars

5.  Private Standards as Delegated Legislation
             Daniel Stewart

6.  Enquiring Minds or Inquiring Minders? Towards Clearer Standards for the Appointment of Royal Commissioners and Inquiry Heads
             AJ Brown

7.  The Administrative Review Council and Transformative Reform
             Susan Kenny

8.  The Vision Splendid: Australian Tribunals in the 21st Century
             Linda Pearson

9.  Administrative Law and Cultural Change
             John McMillan


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