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Reform in Policing

Lessons from the Whitrod era


Provides an important analysis of attempts to reform policing grounded in the experience of the Whitrod era in Queensland. Bolen’s analysis is based on detailed insider knowledge of the processes unparalleled in other studies of police reform. This book offers a detailed and rich history of Queensland policing at the time but its relevance extends much beyond Queensland. It is a valuable text for anyone interested in policing and organisational change.

Table of Contents

The history and some background/ Methodology and structure of the case study/ The essential dilemma

Policing and power
Power, bureaucracy and responsible government/ The Commissioner’s role/ Queensland’s style of government/ The societal context/ Conclusion

Policing in the 1960s and 1970s
The Bischof factor/ The appointment of Hodges/ Hodges’ vision and the McKinna reports/ Whitrod’s appointment/ Whitrodian style of leadership and administration/ Conclusion

Whitrod’s reform agenda
Upgrading the education and training of police/ Decentralisation/ Promotion on merit/ Minimising corruption/ Effectiveness and efficiency/ Multi-skilling/ Increasing the numbers and role of women police/ Conclusion

Major factors impacting on the agenda
Sectarianism not merit/ Anti-intellectualism in the State and the force/ The police culture/ Unions in Queensland policing/ Political interference/ Media influence/ Conclusion

The corollary

Tables/ Appendix/ Bibliography/ Index

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