2nd edition (New edition)

Securities Law 2/e


Canadian securities law consists of an enduring core of fundamental principles that are refined, and sometimes shrouded, by a complex and constantly evolving body of technical details. This second edition, written by Christopher Nicholls — one of Canada's foremost corporate and securities law experts —provides a solid grounding in the core securities law principles and helps the reader navigate the complex labyrinth of modern securities regulation.

Securities Law surveys the essential building blocks of securities regulation: basic definitions, the public and exempt markets for securities, insider trading, continuous disclosure, enforcement, and take-over and issuer bids. Discussion of these subjects is interwoven with thoughtful consideration of larger public policy issues. This book also touches on several recent topics, including the Supreme Court of Canada's 2011 Securities Act Reference decision; efforts to develop a Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System in Canada; changes to Canadian takeover bid regulation embodied in National Instrument 62-104; and the ongoing challenges posed by increasing shareholder activism and technological advances, including the development of cryptocurrencies.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition
Selected List of Statutes, Regulations, and Abbreviations
Chapter 1: Canadian Capital Markets and Instruments
Chapter 2: Fundamental Securities Law Concepts
Chapter 3: Canadian Securities Regulators and Regulatory Instruments
Chapter 4: Securities Dealers, Advisers and Other Registrants, and Self-Regulatory Organizations
Chapter 5: The Origins of Securities Regulation
Chapter 6: The Prospectus Process
Chapter 7: The Exempt Market (Private Placements and Other Exempt Distributions)
Chapter 8: Insider Trading
Chapter 9: Continuous Disclosure
Chapter 10: Take-Over and Issuer Bids
Chapter 11: Securities Law Enforcement
Chapter 12: Recent Developments and Conclusion
Table of Cases
About the Author

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