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Supping with the Devil?

Government Contracts and the Non-Profit Sector


What happens when community organisations find out that in their bid to get closer to government, they have been ‘supping with the devil’? Where do they turn and how do they rebuild the independence that they need and the capacity to innovate that keeps them strong?
These essays, from a leading group of practitioners and analysts, confront some uncomfortable insights about the state of the relationship between government and the third sector and offer some practical suggestions. In difficult and uncertain times, it’s a key relationship whose dramatic improvement has become both timely and urgent.
Contributors are - Peter Saunders, Mark Lyons, James Cox, Peter Shergold, Lisa Fowkes, Rob Simons, Vern Hughes, Martin Stewart-Weeks Simons, Vern Hughes, Martin Stewart-Weeks

Table of Contents

Supping with the Devil? Government Contracts and the Non-profit Sector
Peter Saunders

Government Funding of Australia’ third Sector
Mark Lyons

Private Welfare Revisited
James Cox

Social Enterprises and Public Policy
Peter Shergold

Non-profits and the Job Network
Lisa Fowkes

’Supping with the Devil’ or Progressing Strategy and Missions? A Reflecftions on The Smith Family’s Use of Government Funding
Rob Simons

the third Sector, Civil Socity and Government: Beginning Afresh
Vern Hughes

Conclusion: Maybe the End of the Road is a Good Place to Start Again
Martin Stewart-Weeks

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