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Treaty-Making and Australia


This book deals with issues such as:

  • the nature and consequences of the globalisation process
  • the resulting threat to Australia’s sovereignty
  • the impact of treaty-making on industry, the environment and the respect for human rights
  • the role of Parliament and the States in the process and
  • the response of other countries to these challenges.

Table of Contents

The Law of Politics of International Standards within Australia

Limits to the use of the ’treaty power’
George Winterton
The implications of executive ratification of treaties for democratic governance
David Kinley
The federal dimension
Kenneth Wiltshire
The role of international standards in Australian courts
Michael Kirby
The implications of non-treaty law-making: Customary law and its implications
Ivan Shearer

Some Economic Dimensions of Globalisation

Global trade, influence and power
Louise Sylvan
Sovereignty and globalisation of business regulation
John Braithwaite

Australian Responses to International Standards

Australia’s split personality: Implementation of human rights treaty obligations in Australia
Hilary Charlesworth
Sovereignty, alliances and intl responsibility: Australia’s accession to the 1977 Geneva Protocols
Matthew Neuhaus
Retreating from the Refugee Convention
Penelop Mathew
The domestic consequences of intl environmental imperatives
Martin Tsamenyi

Political Perspectives

The role of intl law-making in the globalisation process
Michael Lavarch
Australia’s treaty-making processess: The Coalition’s reform proposals
Daryl Williams
The implications of requiring parliamentary approval of treaties
Vicki Bourne

Sectoral Perspectives

A Labour movement perspective on intl standards
Martin Ferguson
The impact of intl standards on business
IO Spicer
A social welfare pespective
Julian Disney
A mining industry perspective
David Buckingham
An environmental perspective
Judy Henderson
The role of Parliament in treaty-making: Feasibility of reforms
Ian Booth

Comparative Perspectives

Rosemary Rayfuse
The United Kingdom
Christine Chinkin
New Zealand
Sir Kenneth Keith


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