Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Essential Principles of Litigating a Section 8 Claim
CHAPTER 2: What Is A “Search” or A “Seizure”?
CHAPTER 3: Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
CHAPTER 4: Determining the Threshold of Reasonableness
CHAPTER 5: Reasonable and Probable Grounds
CHAPTER 6: Privilege in Search and Seizure
CHAPTER 7: Searches with a Warrant—Execution and Litigation Issues
CHAPTER 8: Seizures of Bodily Substances and Impressions
CHAPTER 9: Warrantless Searches
CHAPTER 10: Remedies for Unreasonable Search and Seizure
APPENDIX 1: Criminal Code Search and Seizure Powers
APPENDIX 2: Related Statute Search and Seizure Powers

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