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Irwin Law’s E-Library is now hosted on vLex! vLex is a leading provider of legal research technology and information, providing access to legal information from over 70 countries on one service. With over 2 million registered users, vLex provides necessary case law, legislation, secondary sources and legal news to legal professionals and law students.

Irwin Law’s unique collection of books will now sit alongside vLex’s collection Canadian law dating back to 1876, and a comprehensive collection of international materials. This includes over 370,000 full-text Canadian cases, the Maritime Law Book, as well as legislation, law reports, books, journals, draft bills, news and legal commentary, all on one service.

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A woman accessing Irwin Law's Charter of Rights and Freedoms book on the vLex platform.
Screenshot of Canadian Competition Law and Policy open on vLex platform.

vLex legal research technology

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use search tools
  • Built-in advanced search, with Boolean support
  • Benefit from unlimited document downloads
  • Positive, neutral and negative treatment and citation coding
  • Instantly view lists of cited authorities
  • Quickly browse content by category, jurisdiction and court
  • Stay up-to-date with customizable email alerts
  • Mitigate risk with unrestricted search results
  • Easily share, organize, and print documents within vLex
  • Visualize document relationships for greater insight
  • Pinpoint the most cited passages of a document
  • Instantly translate any document into multiple languages
  • Improve accessibility with text options and full-page reading
Screenshot of Legal Research and Writing open on vLex platform.

Summary of features available for vLex’s legal research platform

  • Browse and advanced search tools
  • Boolean search
  • Email alerts
  • Key passages
  • Precedent map
  • Citations and sources
  • Vincent AI
  • Download, print and sharing tools
  • Folders and organizational tools
  • Notes and annotations
  • vLex Cloud52b768
  • vLex Chrome Extension
  • vLex for Microsoft Word

Global Collection of Legal Information

vLex offers a wide range of titles and collections containing thousands of exclusive documents, with daily updates, all available on a single AI-powered legal research platform.

Intelligent Legal Research Platform

With unlimited search results from over 100 countries, vLex enables you to search across a wide range of legal information, including content outside of your subscription, to help you find relevant documents and minimize the risk of missing important information.

Aggregating legal documents from thousands of important and authoritative sources, with hundreds of thousands of new documents added each month, vLex helps you stay up to date with the law.

Vincent, Your AI-powered Legal Research Assistant

vLex’s powerful legal research assistant, Vincent, is the first search and discovery aid of its kind to connect with one of the world’s largest legal databases – saving time and improving results. 

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