Table of Contents

Preface to the Third Edition

Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition

List of Statutes, Regulations, Securities Instruments, Rules, Policies, and Abbreviations

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: Competition Act and Investment Canada Act Considerations

Chapter 3: Asset Purchases

Chapter 4: “Mergers”/Amalgamations and Statutory Plans of Arrangement

Chapter 5: Take-Over Bids (Part 1): The Regulation of Takeovers and Formal Bid Rules

Chapter 6: Take-Over Bids (Part 2): Exemptions

Chapter 7: Hostile Bids and Defensive Tactics

Chapter 8: Insider Bids, Going-Private Transactions, and Other Business Combinations

Chapter 9: Proxy Contests

Chapter 10: Conclusion

Table of Cases


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