Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of the Book

Part One: The Rhetoric: Guiding Principles
Chapter 2: Prosecutors and Expert Witnesses
Chapter 3: Law on Miscarriages of Justice: Britain
Chapter 4: Law on Miscarriages of Justice: Canada
Chapter 5: Law on Miscarriages of Justice: Australia
Chapter 6: Fraud in Criminal Proceedings

Part Two: The Reality
Chapter 7: Investigations and Prosecutions
Chapter 8: Forensic Science Issues
Chapter 9: Forensic Pathology Issues

Part Three: Responses to Miscarriages of Justice
Chapter 10: Error Correction and Systemic Reform
Chapter 11: Improving Forensic Science
Chapter 12: Recommendations to Bring the Reality Closer to the Rhetoric

Table of Cases
About the Authors

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