Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Canadian Maritime Law: An Introduction
CHAPTER 2: The Shipping Industry: An Overview
CHAPTER 3: Admiralty Jurisdiction
CHAPTER 4: The Ownership and Registration of Ships
CHAPTER 5: The Safety Management of Ships
CHAPTER 6: Maritime Mortgages and Liens
CHAPTER 7: Marine Insurance
CHAPTER 8: Carriage of Goods by Charterparty
CHAPTER 9: Carriage of Goods under Bills of Lading and Similar Documents
CHAPTER 10: Carriage of Passengers
CHAPTER 11: Maritime Collisions
CHAPTER 12: Maritime Personal Injury and Death
CHAPTER 13: Maritime Pilotage
CHAPTER 14: Maritime Towage
CHAPTER 15: Maritime Salvage and Wreck
CHAPTER 16: General Average
CHAPTER 17: Marine Pollution Prevention
CHAPTER 18: Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims
CHAPTER 19: Admiralty Procedure by A. William Moreira
APPENDIX 1: Hague-Visby Rules
APPENDIX 2: Lloyd’s Standard Form of Salvage Agreement
APPENDIX 3: Federal Court Admiralty Procedure Forms
Acronyms and Abbreviations
International Treaties and Agreements
Table of Cases

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