Table of Contents


Part One: The Beginning

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Commercial Arbitration by Anthony Daimsis & Marina Pavlović

Chapter 2: Drafting ADR and Arbitration Clauses for Commercial Contracts by Wendy Earle

Chapter 3: Shifting the Paradigm: Moving from Litigation to Arbitration by Kenneth J Glasner, QC

Chapter 4: Arbitrator Selection by Ken Mcewan

Chapter 5: Arbitration Independence and Bias: Testing the Limits by Graeme Mew

Chapter 6: “Evidence First” Arbitration: A Conceptual Framework for Arbitration Efficiency by William G Horton

Chapter 7: Creative Arbitration Design and the First Case Conference by Stephen Richard Morrison

Part Two: The Middle

Chapter 8: Advocacy Lessons from the Past by Sheila R Block

Chapter 9: Advocacy in Commercial Arbitration by John AM Judge

Chapter 10: Effective Commercial Arbitration: A Conversation with Robert Armstrong, Ian Binnie, and Stephen Goudge by Shantona Chaudhury

Chapter 11: Court Involvement in Commercial Arbitration by J Brian Casey

Chapter 12: Stepping into the Hot Tub: Concurrent Expert Evidence in Commercial Arbitration by Dominique T Hussey & Will Bortolin

Chapter 13: The Use of Experts and the Assessment of Economic Damages in Commercial Arbitration by Neal Mizrahi

Part Three: The End

Chapter 14: Med-Arb: Crossing the Line by Leslie Dizgun

Chapter 15: Arbitral Awards: Appeals, Setting Aside, and Enforcement by Harvin Pitch & Lucas Kittmer

Chapter 16: The Art of Appellate Advocacy in the Arbitral Context and Outside It by Paul J Pape

Chapter 17: Commercial Arbitration without Hearings: The Court of Innovative Arbitration by Richard McLaren & Kaleigh Hawkins-Schulz

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Table of Cases

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