Table of Contents

Foreword by Glenn Rivard


Introduction: Regulatory Pasts and Futures

by Alana Cattapan, Vanessa Gruben, & Angela Cameron

Whose Child Is This? “Surrogacy,” Authority, and Responsibility

by Christine Overall

“Why We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know” About Canada’s Surrogacy Practices and Outcomes

by Pamela M White

Navigating in Murky Waters: Legal Issues Arising from a Lack of Surrogacy Regulation in Quebec

by Kévin Lavoie & Isabel Côté

Reimbursement of Expenditures and Possible Sub delegation of the Assisted Human Reproduction Regulations

by Mark C McLeod

Should Canada Implement a Flat-Rate Reimbursement Model for Surrogacy Arrangements? Legal and Ethical Recommendations for a Revised Approach to Reimbursement

by Angel Petropanagos, Vanessa Gruben, & Angela Cameron

Surrogacy in Canada: Toward Permissive Regulation

by Erin Nelson

Desperately Seeking Surrogates: Thoughts on Canada’s Emergence as an International Surrogacy Destination

by Karen Busby & Pamela M White

Self-Sufficiency for Surrogacy and Responsibility for Global Structural Injustice

by Katy Fulfer

Afterword: Legitimizing Surrogacy — A Social Setback

by Maria De Koninck


Table of Cases


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