Table of Contents

Part 1: Background

Foreword – John Braithwaite

Restorative Justice: from Juveniles to AdultsJasmine Bruce, Gail Mason and Jane BolithoRestorative Justice for Adults: Should We Do More?Jane BolithoRestorative Justice, Adult Offenders and the Court SystemMichael King

Part 2: Showcasing Recent Developments

Forum Sentencing: Using Research and Experience to Improve PracticeDean Hart and Gabriela PircRestorative Justice and Adult Offending: Twelve Years of Post-sentence PracticeKate MilnerAustralian Indigenous Sentencing Courts: Restoring Culture in the Sentencing Court ProcessElena MarchettiRecent Developments within Restorative Justice in Aotearoa/New ZealandHelen Bowen, Jim Boyack and Janet Calder-Watson

Part 3: Emerging and Critical Issues

Restorative Justice for Victims of Adult Crime: An Exploration of Theory and EvidenceKelly RichardsBest Practice in Restorative Justice Conference Facilitation: Some Big IdeasJohn McDonaldWhat Standards for Restorative Justice and Adults? Issues in Practitioner Training and AccreditationJasmine BruceJustice for Gendered Violence: What Does Restorative Justice Offer?Julie StubbsEmotion Across the Lifecourse: The Case for Restorative Justice with AdultsMeredith Rossner

Part 4: Lessons and Future Directions

Conclusion: Emerging Practice and Future DirectionsHeather StrangIndex

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