Table of Contents

A. Introducing Environmental Policy

The Background to Environmental Policy

Contexts for Environmental Policy: Being Alerted and Inclined to Action

B. Breadth of Environmental Policy – Overview of the Range of Environmental Policy

International Environmental Policy

Environmental Policies Of The Australian Commonwealth Government

Australian State And Territory Governments: Their Structures For Environmental Policy And Examples Of Key Policies

Local Government Environmental Policy

Corporate Environmental Policy

C. Policy Theory – Overview of the Role and Parts of Theory

Policy Concepts and Theories

Agenda Setting In Policy

Policy Formulation

Implementation: Contexts and Directions

Implementation Approaches

Monitoring Policy

Evaluating and Reviewing Policy

D. Influences on Policy

Overview of Role and Range of Influences

The Influence of Values, Groups, Networks and The Media

Structures of Government: Influence on Policy-Making

Inter-Governmental Arrangements

Influences on Corporate Environmental Policy

Influence of Globalisation

Directions for Environmental Policy


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