Table of Contents


Charles Sampford and Kim Preston

Theoretical Approaches to Constitutional Interpretation

The interpretation of a constitution in a modern liberal democracy

Sir Anthony Mason

Paradigm shifts in judicial interpretation: reframing legal and constitutional reasoning

Bryan Horrigan

Constituting a nation: adjudication as constitutive rhetoric

Sandra S Berns

Democracy and Judicial Choice: The Implied Rights Debate

Constitutionally entrenched common law rights: sacrificing means to ends?

George Winterton

A return to Dicey? The philosophical foundations of the Australian High Court’s implied rights jurisprudence

Haig Patapan

Judicial invalidation of legislation and democratic principles

David Wood

Judiciary and Parliament: Aligning Institutional Roles

The Australian High Court’s role in institutional maintenance and development

Brian Galligan

The Australian Parliament and High Court: determination of constitutional questions

Daryl Williams

Politically sensitive interpretation

David Solomon

Overruling constitutional interpretations

JW Harris

International dimensions of constitutional interpretation

HP Lee

Table of Cases/ Table of Statutes/ References/ Index

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