Table of Contents

A General Outline

CHAPTER 1: The Building Blocks of Law School Success
Andie is a Social Species of Law Student
Andie Places a Premium on Synthesis and Unity in the Study of Law
Our Supporting Cast: Knowing the Professors
A Note on Heuristics
Our Sample Case: Hadley v. Baxendale

CHAPTER 2: The Semester
Class Attendance
Reading Cases
Studying outside of Class

CHAPTER 3: Preparing for Exams
Collaborative Studying
Studying Techniques
A Postscript: What Should I Do If I Start Studying Late?

CHAPTER 4: The Exam
Taking Law School Exams
Sample Exam
Policy Questions

CHAPTER 5: Paper Courses
Class Attendance and Reading
Selecting a Topic and Approach for the Paper
Researching the Paper

CHAPTER 6: Selecting Courses
Andie’s Criteria for Picking Courses

APPENDIX: Hadley v. Baxendale

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