Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

List of Abbreviations


Chapter One: The Antigone as a Trial Play

Chapter Two: Legal Speech and Argumentation in the Antigone

Chapter Three: The Forensic Question of the Play

Chapter Four: Legal and Religious Discourse in the Antigone

Chapter Five: Antigone’s Closing Argument

Chapter Six: Creon’s Discourse Shift

Chapter Seven: The Verdict of the Antigone

English Translation with Stage Directions and Notes

Appendix A: Trials, Law Courts, and Theatres

Appendix B: Metaphors and Images for Justice in the Antigone

Appendix C: Antigone’s Personal Status under Athenian Law

Appendix D: Visual Depictions of the Meaning of Justice

Appendix E: Reflections on the Antigone and Other Courtroom Dramas

Glossary of Important Names, Terms, and Phrases

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