Table of Contents



Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Summary of My Personal Observations about Cyberlibel

Chapter 2: How to Use this Book

Chapter 3: Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 4: Summary of the Law of Defamation and its Application to Cyberlibel

Chapter 5: Characteristics of the Internet

Chapter 6: Differences and Consequences in Cyberlibel Litigation and Offline Libel Litigation

Chapter 7: Should Internet-specific Principles of Law Be Adopted?

Part II: Preliminary Questions

Chapter 8: Notice and Limitation Periods

Chapter 9: Jurisdiction

Chapter 10: Disclosure of the Identity of an Anonymous Author

Chapter 11: Internet Libel Actions Stayed as an Abuse of Process in the UK

Part III: Remedies

Chapter 12: Damages in Cyberlibel

Chapter 13: Injunctions in Cyberlibel

Chapter 14: Take Down Notices

Part IV: Cause of Action and Defences

Chapter 15: Publication and Hyperlinks  

Chapter 16: Forms of Defamatory Meaning

Chapter 17: Reference to the Plaintiff

Part V: Defences

Chapter 18: Defence of Innocent Dissemination at Common Law

Chapter 19: The Defence of Qualified Privilege

Chapter 20: Defence of Responsible Communication on Matters of Public Interest

Part VI: Internet-Specific Subjects

Chapter 21: Internet Intermediaries

Chapter 22: Search Engines

Chapter 23: User-Generated Content —Web 2.0 and Online Social Networks

Part VII: Privacy

Chapter 24: Invasion of Privacy/Misuse of Private Information

Part VIII: Reference Material

Cyberlibel Damage Awards Granted

Cyberlibel Injunctions

Cyberlibel Jurisdictional Motions

Judicial Glossary of Selected Internet Terms

Annotated Bibliography on information Warfare


Table of Cases


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