Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: History: A Short History of Canada’s Over- and Underreaction to Terrorism

Chapter 3: Threat: An Evolving Terrorist Threat

Chapter 4: Watch: Surveillance of Threats

Chapter 5: Share: Information Sharing about Threats

Chapter 6: Interdict: Restricting the Movement of Threats

Chapter 7: Restrain: Limiting Threats

Chapter 8: Interrupt: Disruption When All Else Fails

Chapter 9: Prosecute: The Challenges of Terrorism Prosecutions

Chapter 10: Delete: Criminalizing and Censoring Extremist Speech

Chapter 11: Oversight: Who Is in Charge of Canadian Anti-terrorism?

Chapter 12: Review: Accountability Gaps

Chapter 13: Dissuade: An Ounce of Prevention and the Sociology of Anti-terrorism

Chapter 14: Conclusion: The Need for a Re-think


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