Table of Contents

Penal populism: sentencing councils and sentencing policy

Arie Freiberg and Karen Gelb

Sentencing policy and practice: the evolving role of public opinion

Julian V Roberts

Penal scandal in New Zealand

John Pratt

Dealing the public in: challenges for a transparent and accountable sentencing policy

David Indermaur

Myths and misconceptions: public opinion versus public judgment about sentencing

Karen Gelb

The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines

Richard S Frase

The United States Sentencing Commission

Judge Nancy Gertner

English sentencing guidelines in their public and political context

Andrew Ashworth

The New South Wales Sentencing Council

The Hon Alan Abadee AM RFD QC

The Sentencing Commission for Scotland

Neil Hutton

The Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council: incorporating community views into the sentencing process

Arie Freiberg

A perspective on the work of the Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council and its potential to promote respect and equality for women

Thérèse McCarthy

Sentencing reform in New Zealand: a proposal to establish a sentencing council

Warren Young

A sentencing council in South Africa

Stephan Terblanche

A federal sentencing council for Australia

Australian Law Reform Commission

Institutional mechanisms for incorporating the public

Neil Hutton

Does it matter? Reflections on the effectiveness of institutionalised public participation in the development of sentencing policy

Rob Allen and Mike Hough

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