Table of Contents

Introduction – Jocelyn Downie and Elaine Gibson
CHAPTER 1: The Governance of Health Care: Fundamental Values, Law and Ethics, Courts, Parliament, and the Charter – The Honourable Charles D. Gonthier
CHAPTER 2: Judicious Choices: Health Care Resource Decisions and the Supreme Court – Colleen M. Flood and Michelle Zimmerman
CHAPTER 3: A Healthy Conception of Rights? Thinking Relationally About Rights in a Health Care Context – Jennifer Llewellyn
CHAPTER 4: Healthy Communities: Public Health Law at the Supreme Court of Canada – Barbara von Tigerstrom
CHAPTER 5: The Multiple Meanings of Causation in the Supreme Court’s Medical Malpractice Jurisprudence: Past, Present, and Future – Joan M. Gilmour
CHAPTER 6: Informed Consent: Reasonableness, Risk, and Disclosure – Erin L. Nelson
CHAPTER 7: Revisiting Core Principles: Autonomy, Consent, and the Biobanking Challenge – Timothy Caulfield
CHAPTER 8: Women’s Reproductive Equality and the Supreme Court of Canada – Sanda Rodgers
CHAPTER 9: Assisted Death at the Supreme Court of Canada – Jocelyn Downie
CHAPTER 10: The Supreme Court of Canada at the Limits of Decisional Capacity – Sheila Wildeman
CHAPTER 11: Wealth Meets Health: Disabled Immigrants and Calculations of “Excessive Demand” – Constance MacIntosh
CHAPTER 12: Whither Privacy of Health Information at the Supreme Court of Canada? – Elaine Gibson
CHAPTER 13: Patent Law at the Supreme Court of Canada: A Healthy Balance? – Teresa Scassa
CHAPTER 14: Pathways to and from the Supreme Court of Canada for Health Law Litigants – Angela Campbell

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