Table of Contents

An Overview of the Tribunal Scenes in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

Lord Justice Carnwath, Murray Chitra, Justice Garry Downes and Peter Spiller

Natural Justice and Tribunals (NZ)

Ema Aitken

Natural Justice and Tribunals (UK)

Penny Letts

How to Achieve Tribunal Independence: A Canadian Perspective

Philip Bryden

Tribunals in Australia: How To Achieve Independence

Gabriel Fleming

Pitfalls for Administrative Tribunals in Relying on Formal Common Law Rules of Evidence

France Houle

Redefining the Facts – Marginalising the Claimant?

Ken MacKinnon

Tribunals and Policy

Stuart Morris

From Tribunal Reform to the Reform of Administrative Justice

Michael Adler

Future Directions for Tribunals: A United Kingdom Perspective

Nick Wikeley

The Future of Tribunals in New Zealand

Patricia McConnell

Future Directions for Administrative Tribunals: Canadian Administrative Justice – Where do we go from here?

Heather M MacNaughton

Administrative Tribunals in Australia – Future Directions

John McMillan

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