Critics’ Reviews

I learnt a thing or two that helped me understand my own first year experience, and even found some tips to help now. … The chapters on reading and essay writing are particularly helpful.

Perhaps the most useful suggestion is that students should keep a regular journal during their time at uni in which to write about subjects, readings, rough plans for essays, and anything else they feel is relevant. The journal then becomes a personal record and a guide for study and personal growth. The main goal, then, is self-exploration …

Those [first year students who buy the book] will find something to help them. Parents and teachers will also find The First Year Experience informative, as will anyone looking to improve their university experience. – Bullsheet (James Cook University Students Association newspaper), 8 March 2004

The authors focus on everyday campus life, using students’ testimonies to highlight and solve common problems, including the mother of all afflictions – procrastination. – Indigo Clarke, Cat 04/04, page 49

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