Table of Contents


Prologue: A note on the history of Australian liberals


“The desire that many of us cherish”

The State Organisations

The Women’s Liberal League of NSW

The Australian Women’s National League (Victoria)

The Queensland Women’s Electoral League

The Tasmanians

Lady Forrest and the Australian Women’s National League (WA)

The South Australians

The Activists

Political sisters: Janet Lady Clarke and Eva Hughes

The political daughter: Ivy Deakin Brookes

The professional organiser: Eleanor Cameron Glencross

An early candidate for office: Angela Booth

The first three

From political widow to post-war MP

South Australia’s first elected women

Dame Elizabeth Couchman

The Liberal Party

The Liberal Party’s founding mothers

The new party

The public face of the new party


Robert Menzies, “Women In War”, 1942

Robert Menzies, toast to Elizabeth Couchman, 1960

Robert Menzies, “Women for Canberra”, 1943

Liberal women in Parliament

Notes/ Bibliography/ Index

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