Table of Contents

Part I – Prisons and Prisoners

Prisoners and the penal estate in Australia

Russell Hogg

Words from the prisoners: Impacts of overcrowding

The rights of Indigenous prisoners

Loretta Kelly

Words from the prisoners: Prisoners at risk

Deprivation of liberty – deprivation of rights

Debbie Kilroy & Anne Warner

Words from the prisoners: Family

Experiences of inmates with an intellectual disability

Jenny Green

Words from the prisoners: Staying healthy in prison

Prisoners of difference

Greta Bird

Words from the prisoners: Catering for prisoners speaking English as a second language

Part II – Regulating Prison and Prisoners Rights

‘Not the King’s enemies’: prisoners and their rights in Australian history

Mark Finnane and Tony Woodyatt

Words from the prisoners: Law and Order (a poem) by Noel Han

Televising the invisible: prisoners, prison reform and the media

Catherine Lumby

Words from prisoner advocates: Queensland Prisons: 1980s and 1990s

Margaret Reynolds, former Qld Senator (ALP)

An insider’s view: human rights and excursions from the flat lands

Craig WJ Minogue

Words from the prisoners: Legal assistance

Protection of prisoners’ rights in Australian private prisons

John Rynne

Words from the prisoners: Impacts of privatisation

Prisoners as citizens: a view from Europe

Vivian Stern

Part III – Citizenship and Rights

International human rights law applicable to prisoners

Camille Giffard

Institutional perspectives and constraints

John Dawes

Words from the prisoners: Prison discipline


David Robinson

Prisoners’ rights to health and safety

Michael Levy

Words from the prisoners: Health care

Crime victims and prisoners’ rights

Sam Garkawe

Words from the prisoners: Preparing for release

Prisoners and the right to vote

Melinda Ridley-Smith & Ronnit Redman

Prisoners as citizens

David Brown

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