Table of Contents

Thus Far and How Much Farther?

A Medical Perspective


Responses to trauma

Relevant factors in the aetiology of trauma

Step by Cautious Step


Early treatment of nervous shock as physical injury

The genesis of limitations

Foreseeability: from flexibility to subterranean mutilation

The Dillon v Legg legacy

Australian manoeuvres: Jaensch to Gifford and beyond

The English disaster: Alcock and beyond

Competing Policy Considerations


Relevant policy considerations

Balancing competing considerations

Bright Lines and Boundary Stones


Concepts of damage

Relevant stressors: the class of plaintiff

Means of perceiving the stressor

Physical proximity

Causal proximity

Pre-existing relationships: circumstantial proximity

Self-inflicted death, injury or peril

Stopping the Thing Where Good Sense Stops It


Inclusion and exclusion

Ipp Report and Australian tort reform legislation

The relevant damage


Table of Cases/ Table of Statutes/ Index

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