Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Introduction: Of Crisis and Codes
CHAPTER 2: Traditional Accounts: Contents and Criticism
CHAPTER 3: An Alternative Vision: A Contextual and Pragmatic Approach
CHAPTER 4: Legal Practice: The Ethical Dimension
CHAPTER 5: Dealing with Clients: From Start to Finish
CHAPTER 6: The Duty to Clients: Checking Zealous Partisanship
CHAPTER 7: Being Confidential: Secrets and Lies
CHAPTER 8: Conflicts of Interest: Screens and Silences
CHAPTER 9: Criminal Lawyers: Putting Up a Defence
CHAPTER 10: Beyond the General Principles: Special Situations
CHAPTER 11: Conclusion: Taking It Personally
APPENDIX: Canadian Bar Association: Code of Professional Conduct
Table of Cases

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