Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction
Lorne Foster, Lesley Jacobs, Bobby Siu, & Shaheen Azmi

Part I: Deconstructing Racial Profiling

Chapter 1: Defining Racial Profiling
Bobby Siu

Chapter 2: The Human Rights Approach to Addressing Racial Profiling: The Activity of the Ontario Human Rights Commission
Shaheen Azmi

Chapter 3: Interrogating the Definition of Racial Profiling: A Critical Legal Analysis
Sunil Gurmukh

Chapter 4: Applying the Racial Profiling Correspondence Test
David M Tanovich

Part II: Forms and Sector Analysis

Chapter 5: Bias-Neutral Policing: A Police Perspective on the Intersection of Racial Profiling with Modern-Day Policing and the Laws That Govern
Gary V Melanson

Chapter 6: “Singled Out”: Being a Black Youth in the Suburbs
Carl E James

Chapter 7: The Re-framing of Racial Profiling: Police Violence Against Black Women
Andrea S Anderson

Chapter 8: Damaged Goods: A Critical Perspective on Consumer Racial Profiling in Ontario’s Retail Environment
Tomee Elizabeth Sojourner-Campbell

Chapter 9: Racial Profiling of Women in Canada: Beyond a “Gender-Free” Lens
Tammy Landau

Part III: Preventing and Responding to Racial Profiling

Chapter 10: The Importance of Collecting Race Data: Preventing Racial Profiling and Promoting Inclusive Citizenship
Lorne Foster & Lesley Jacobs

Chapter 11: A Double-Edged Sword: Carding, Public Safety, and the Impact of Racialized Police Practices
Scot Wortley

Chapter 12: Community Engagement in Policing: As a Dialogic Tool for Combating Racial Profiling
Lorne Foster & Lesley Jacobs

Chapter 13: Ending Racial Profiling
Bobby Siu

Appendix: Race Data and Traffic Stops in Ottawa, 2013–2015: A Report submitted to Ottawa Police Services Board and
Ottawa Police Service

Table of Cases

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