Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction


Part One: Compensatory Damages

Chapter 2: Compensation for Harm to Economic Interests

Chapter 3: Compensation for Harm to Property Interests

Chapter 4: Compensation for Personal Injury

Chapter 5: Compensation for Death

Chapter 6: Compensation for Harm to Intangible Interests: Non-pecuniary and Aggravated Damages


Part Two: Non-compensatory Damages

Chapter 7: Awards Measured by Benefit: Restitution

Chapter 8: Punitive Damages

Chapter 9: Nominal Damages and Contemptuous Damages


Part Three: Limiting Principles

Chapter 10: Certainty and Causation

Chapter 11: Remoteness of Damages

Chapter 12: Mitigation, Avoided Loss, and Time of Assessment

Chapter 13: Deductions from Damages: Collateral Benefits

Chapter 14: Judicial Oversight of Remedy Stipulation

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