Constance Backhouse wins 2009 Canadian Association of Law and Society Book Prize

Irwin Law is very pleased to announce that Professor Constance Backhouse is the 2009 recipient of the Canadian Law and Society Book Prize for her book Carnal Crimes: Canadian Sexual Assault Law, 1900-1975. The book prize will be awarded at the CLSA annual banquet on Sunday, May 24, 2009 in Ottawa.

“This engaging and powerful book demonstrates the ubiquitous nature of sexual assault in 20th century Canada and, as the author puts it, “the appalling failures” of the Canadian justice system. Constance Backhouse is a pioneer in the field of feminist legal history and continues to make a substantial and provocative contribution with this highly readable volume on sexual assault crimes in 20th century Canada . . . . While the book provides many reasons to be depressed about law’s inability to eradicate sexual assault, Backhouse’s words and analysis are inspiring and refreshing.” —Tamara Myers, Department of History, University of British Columbia

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