Angus McDonald

Angus McDonald is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto, and has more than thirty years of experience in forensic psychiatry. He completed his medical degree in 1976 and qualified as a specialist in 1979. He has done pre-trial assessments of over 1,000 homicide cases and approximately one hundred dangerous offenders. More recently, he has begun working at the Regional Treatment Centre at Kingston Penitentiary seeing serial sex offenders and inmates with serious psychiatric problems. Dr. McDonald is on staff at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, where his career started as a forensic psychologist in 1970. His work includes court-ordered assessments of criminal responsibility, dangerous offender and long-term offender applications, fitness to stand trial, pre-sentence disposition, violence risk (clinical and actuarial), sexual behaviour and sexual offender risk, anger management, workplace risk of violence, general fitness and capacity issues, and psychiatric care of individuals detained under the Ontario Review Board. 

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