Arlene Kwasniak

Arlene Kwasniak is professor emerita of law in the Faculty of Law and a senior research fellow with the Canadian Institute of Resources Law at the University of Calgary. Her interests include environmental assessment law and policy, public resources law and policy (e.g., water, public lands, wildlife, and habitat), municipal law, and interjurisdictional and economic approaches to attain sustainability goals. Arlene has published and presented extensively in these areas. She received the Canadian Bar Association/Law Society of Alberta Distinguished Service Award for Legal Scholarship in 2013 and has served on numerous governmental and non-governmental committees, including the North American Instream Flow Council, the Alberta Water Council, the Wetlands Team, the federal Regulatory Advisory Committee on environmental assessment, and the Alberta Water Management Review Committee. For decades, Arlene has volunteered with the Canadian Environmental Network Environmental Planning and Assessment Caucus, and she has worked on environmental law reform matters with government, the public, and non-governmental organizations.

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