Melanie Dawn Douglass

Melanie Dawn Douglass, MA, is a part-time lecturer and a PhD student at Glasgow Caledonian University. She completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster University, specializing in evolutionary psychology and animal behaviour. After completing her degree, she worked as a research assistant for two years in an animal behaviour laboratory, where she conducted research investigating mating and parental care behaviour in Mongolian gerbils. She went on to complete her MA at the University of Toronto (2009), which investigated the cognitive and personality factors related to the severity of violent recidivism in a clinical sample. Following her time at the University of Toronto, she moved to Glasgow Caledonian University, where her current work focuses on the personality factors involved in the interrogative process. She has presented her research at the annual APA and CPA conferences, the BPS Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference, and at talks given at the University of Toronto and Glasgow Caledonian University.

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