Miriam Bloomenfeld

Miriam Bloomenfeld has been a judge of the Ontario Court of Justice since 2006. She presides in Toronto, Ontario, and deals with criminal cases of youths and adults. Prior to becoming a judge, Justice Bloomenfeld worked for fifteen years as a lawyer, holding various positions within the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, including clerking for the Ontario High Court and prosecuting criminal cases at the trial and appellate levels. She also participated in significant policy projects, such as leading education and the drafting of policy in relation to the prevention of wrongful convictions and the implementation of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Justice Bloomenfeld is the author of many journal articles and the co-author of two books, the Youth Criminal Justice Act Manual (Toronto: Thomson Reuters, 2007) and the Weapons Offences Manual (Toronto: Thomson Reuters, 1990). She also participates extensively — both nationally and internationally — in educational initiatives for the judiciary, the legal profession, and the public.

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