• Publication Date: September 27, 2021
  • EAN: 9781760023218
  • 286 pages
Filed Under: Construction

Adjudication in the Building Industry, 4/e


Prompt payment has always been a problem in the building and construction industry. To address the problem, starting with NSW in 2000 and ending with Western Australia in 2021 every State and the ACT have enacted a Security of Payment Act. Radical legislative changes, particularly in NSW and Queensland, and recent High Court decisions have made previous texts on Security of Payment and Adjudication, including the 3rd edition of this book, outdated.

This edition shows contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants step by step how to make statutory payment claims and adjudication applications. It is equally concerned to show recipients of claims how to defend claims and adjudicators how to adjudicate claims. The book includes precedents for each step of the process.

Of particular concern in NSW is that important protections given to home owners and occupiers under the Home Building Act 1989 have been abolished. Those consumers may not be aware of the urgency of taking steps to deal with payment claims that they dispute. Before entering any contract for residential building work they should read this book. Security of payment legislation overrides any inconsistent provision in a contract.

Hundreds of Supreme Court decisions on the powers of the Court to set aside adjudication determinations have been overruled by High Court decisions. This book aims to keep legal advisers and adjudicators up to date. Significant differences between the legislation in each jurisdiction are considered as are some unique aspects of the new Western Australian Act.

This book should also be compulsory reading for students of architecture, engineering, building and construction management, and accountants whose clients carry out or commission building or engineering work.




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