• Publication Date: July 25, 2022
  • ISBN: Print (Paperback): 9781552216521
  • ISBN: Digital (PDF): 9781552216538
  • 730 pages; 7" x 10"
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Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2022


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Product Description

Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2022 continues the tradition of presenting comprehensive, current caselaw and analysis in a very practical and easily accessible format. Relevant cases from every Canadian province and territory are cited in support of the principles set out in the textual commentary. Significant changes have been introduced in chapters 11 and 13 with respect to retroactive child support orders and remission of child support arrears following the Supreme Court of Canada’s judgments in Michel v Graydon and Colucci v Colucci.

This book will be of special interest to judges, legal practitioners, mediators, arbitrators, parenting coordinators, and other professionals who require a detailed understanding of child support rights and obligations in Canada. It also provides a unique source of information for paralegals and for law students and their professors, and to members of the public who require an understanding of the legal complexities relating to child support rights and obligations in Canada.

Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2022 is a companion volume to the ninth edition of Payne and Payne, Canadian Family Law which is also published by Irwin Law. Previous editions of both texts have been cited in hundreds of judicial decisions across Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada and appellate courts from coast to coast. 

Payne and Payne, Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2022, Irwin Law, is cited with approval in Windrem v. Beck, 2024 NSSC 71.

Julien D. Payne and Marilyn A. Payne, Child Support Guidelines in Canada, 2022 (Toronto: Irwin 2022) is cited in Goertzen v Goertzen, 2024 SKCA 45 at para 90.





Chapter 1: Criteria and Objectives of Child Support

Chapter 2: Jurisdiction

Chapter 3: Definitions of “Child of the Marriage”; Adult Children; Obligation of De Facto Parent

Chapter 4: Determination of Income; Disclosure of Income

Chapter 5: Special or Extraordinary Expenses

Chapter 6: Split and Shared Parenting Time Arrangements

Chapter 7: Undue Hardship

Chapter 8: Impact of Child Support on Spousal Support

Chapter 9: Low- and High-Income Earners; Annual Income over $150,000

Chapter 10: Effect of Order or Agreement or Other Arrangement That Benefits Child; Consent Orders

Chapter 11: Form and Types of Order

Chapter 12: Effect, Registration, and Enforcement of Child Support Orders

Chapter 13: Variation, Rescission, or Suspension of Child Support Orders

Chapter 14: Evidence; Procedure; Costs

Chapter 15: Appeals

Table of Cases

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