• Publication Date: October 27, 2009
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Domestic Violence – Working with Men

Research, practice experiences and integrated responses


Product Description

Surveys suggest that around one third of all adult women will at some point in their life experience abuse perpetrated by an intimate male partner. In recent years a number of ‘integrated responses’ to domestic violence have been developed which are coordinated, appropriate, consistent responses aimed at enhancing victim safety, reducing secondary victimisation and holding abusers accountable for their violence. An increasingly important part of integrated responses is the delivery of interventions for male perpetrators of violence.

In this book contributions come from those working with victims of domestic violence, from within the criminal justice system and integrated response programs. They describe and discuss the provision of programs and services that are designed to reduce the risk of domestic violence amongst known perpetrators. Outcome data, theoretical and clinical issues relevant to program delivery are discussed in detail.

Domestic Violence – Working With Men provides a timely resource in the development of programs and services to reduce the risk of known perpetrators committing further acts of violence towards women.

Corrigenda – Replacement Chapter 2:The Gold Coast Domestic Violence Integrated Response to Perpetrators of Domestic Violence: Political Activism in Practice


Andrew Day

Part I: Context

Integrated Response to Perpetrators of Domestic Violence: Good Practice Directions

Donna Chung and Patrick O’Leary

The Gold Coast Domestic Violence Integrated Response to Perpetrators of Domestic Violence: Political Activism in Practice

Donna Justo

What’s in it for the Women?

Donna Justo, Di Lucas, Joan Salizzo, and Lesley McCartney

Part II: System Responses

Progress and Challenges in the Development of Police Responses to Domestic Violence: The Project SAFER Experience

Patrick O’Leary and Laura Bahnisch

Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Courts

Annette Hennessy

The Probation and Parole Perspective

Rosemary O’Malley

Part III: Broader Practice Approaches

The Gold Coast Domestic Violence Male Offender Education and Intervention Program for Male Perpetrators

Susan Moore

Working with Men who have used Violence in a Group Setting: Some Connections of Theory and Practice

Tony Fletcher

Incubated in Terror, Growing up to Terrorise; Implications for Domestic Violence Group Work Interventions

Maggie Woodhead

Part IV: Research

Integration in Practice: A Series of Case Studies

Donna Chung, Patrick O’Leary, Donna Justo and Di Lucas

The Characteristics of Men who Participate in the Gold Coast Domestic Violence Program

Adam Gerace and Andrew Day

Resistant or Ready? The Challenges of Male Readiness for Offender Programs

Patrick O’Leary, Andrew Day, Gary Foster and Donna Chung

Have Male Offenders Changed? Men’s Perspectives and Experiences at the End of the Program

Andrew Day, Patrick O’Leary, Gary Foster, Laura Bahnisch, and Adam Gerace

Have Male Offenders Changed? Women’s Experiences of Safety and Accountability at the End of the Program

Donna Chung, Di Lucas, and Donna Justo

Part V: Commentary

Debates, Dilemmas and Intentions in the Ongoing Development of the Integrated Responses to Domestic Violence

Andrew Day, Donna Chung, Patrick O’Leary, and Ed Carson

The Role of the Facilitator

Andrew Day and Ed Carson

Courage, Hope and Resilience: Aspirations for the Future

Andrew Day, Patrick O’Leary, Donna Chung, and Donna Justo

Appendix: Data on Men’s Change – Conflict Tactics Scale



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