• Publication Date: June 13, 2022
  • EAN: 9781552216323
  • ISBN: Digital (PDF): 9781552216330
  • 562 pages
Filed Under: Defamation; LAW

Guide to the Law and Practice of Anti-SLAPP Proceedings


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The anti-SLAPP legislation, more formally known as section 137.1 of the Courts of Justice Act in Ontario and the Protection of Public Participation Act in British Columbia, is arguably the most influential development in Canadian defamation law in the last fifty years, aside from the advent of the internet. 

It appears simple in theory. It is not simple in practice. 

It was intended to be straightforward, swift, and inexpensive. It has become protracted, complex, and costly.  

Written primarily for judges and lawyers in Ontario and British Columbia who are faced with anti-SLAPP proceedings, this text presents a detailed and comprehensive analysis of anti-SLAPP legislation and proceedings.  





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