• Publication Date: June 28, 2012
  • EAN: 9781862878136
  • 272 pages; 6" x 8⅝"

Legal Protection of Religious Freedom in Australia


Product Description

The role and place of religion in Australia has become more contested and controversial in recent years. This important new book examines the extent to which religious freedom is protected in Australian law and explores some of the many ways in which the law and religion intersect.

Through a series of case studies, Evans demonstrates the complex nature of the regulation of religion and the difficulties in reconciling competing claims from those who argue that religion is under attack and those who argue that religion is given too much power to undermine the rights of others. In a balanced and insightful manner, Evans explains the legal dimension to issues such as the religious vilification laws, the extent to which religious organizations are bound by discrimination laws, and the use of oaths in courtrooms.

Evans brings together into a single volume, a wealth of information and insight that will appeal both to professional who need to deal with religious issues in a legal context and also the reader who is interested in the role of religion in Australian law and society.

Religious Freedom: The Australian Context
Freedom of Religion or Belief in International Law
The Concept of a Religion in Australian Law
The Australian Constitution and Religious Freedom
Legal Approaches to Protecting Religious Freedom
Non-Discrimination Laws: Friend or Foe of Religious Freedom?
Religious Vilification/Hate Speech Laws
Religious Freedom and the Australian Courts
Appendix: Extracts from Selected International Instruments on Religious Freedom

Carolyn Evans’ book is an introduction to the general concept of religious freedom by way of international instruments and the general themes of the domestic legal framework. Read full review… – Tasman Ash Fleming, Barrister, InPrint LIJ, March 2013

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