• Publication Date: January 4, 2016
  • ISBN: Print (Paperback): 9781552214145
  • ISBN: Digital (PDF): 9781552214152
  • ISBN: Digital (EPUB): 9781552216095
  • 512 pages; 6" x 9"
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Legal Research and Writing, 4/e


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Product Description

This book seeks to explain the practical skills needed for print and online legal research and writing. It provides a current and comprehensive look at the topic, consolidating information on legal research and writing into one handy, easy-to-use resource. Written for both seasoned practitioners seeking to add the latest sources and techniques to their research arsenal, and for beginner law students who face a bewildering array of information, this book includes chapters on legal research and writing malpractice, the acquisition of research resources, international and foreign legal research, and knowledge management. In addition, it covers legal citation, the recovery of online legal research expenses, searching the new platforms of the major proprietary online legal databases, the increasing digitization of legal materials, and free legal research resources on the Internet, while also providing a list of over 1,300 leading Canadian legal treatises organized into forty-eight topics. Legal Research and Writing is the most up-to-date book of its kind available in Canada today.

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Preface to the Fourth Edition

Chapter 1: Introduction to Legal Research and Writing

Chapter 2: Secondary Legal Resources

Chapter 3: Researching Legislation

Chapter 4: Researching Case Law

Chapter 5: Legal Research on the Internet

Chapter 6: Legal Research Databases and CD-ROMs

Chapter 7: International and Foreign Legal Research

Chapter 8: Legal Research by Topic

Chapter 9: Selecting and Acquiring Legal Resources

Chapter 10: Knowledge Management for Lawyers

Chapter 11: Legal Research and Writing Malpractice

Chapter 12: Legal Writing

Appendix: Putting It All Together — A Sample Research Problem and Memorandum of Law


Table of Cases


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