• Publication Date: October 24, 2011
  • EAN: 9781862878433
  • 592 pages; 6" x 8⅝"
Filed Under: Estates & Trusts

Ong on Equity


Product Description

Ong on Equity is a substantial and sophisticated work from Professor Denis Ong, author of the acclaimed commentary: Trusts Law in Australia, now in its third edition. Ong on Equity analyses in detail relevant cases from all the Australian and from international jurisdictions and thoroughly reviews all aspects of judicial decision making.

Importantly, Professor Ong considers unanswered questions as they arise in judicial reasoning in an incisive and learned style and offers fresh insights and thoughtful scholarly analysis in respect of each of the topics comprehensively covered in this volume.

Mere Equities, Equitable Proprietary Interests and Equitable Priorities

The Fiduciary Relationship

Equitable Estoppel

Injunctions And Related Orders

Equitable Compensation And Equitable Damages

Relief Against Unconscionable Or Unconscientious Transactions: Undue Influence; The Second Limb Of Yerkey V Jones; Exploiting Another Persons Special Disadvantage Or Special Disability; Relief Against Forfeiture; Relief Against Penalties


The work is well-written and loaded with cases, statutes, and other helpful citations to authorities. Surely equity is not the most exciting area of law, but the author has succeeded in writing this text in a manner that brings it to life. Read full review… – Phillip Pawson, The Law Society Tasmania, Autumn 2012

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