• Publication Date: December 2, 2009
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Product Liability in the Asia-Pacific


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This 3rd edition describes product liability laws in 24 countries of the Asia-Pacific region including all of the large economies and populations. Expanded to cover Macau, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, and the US Affiliated Jurisdictions in the Pacific, these jurisdictions offer additional insights, showing the various influences and distinct legal cultures which pervade the law of the region. A chapter on insurance in the region is also included.

The product liability laws of the Asia-Pacific region are characterised by diversity. A mosaic of legal rights exists under contract, tort and statute in most countries. In many of these jurisdictions, product liability is only just beginning to emerge as a significant body of law and with many countries going through a period of economic development; some legislatures are only now beginning to recognise the need to address consumer protection and the legal liability of manufacturers in the region. The range of approaches to product liability is a reflection of the multiplicity of legal systems in the region.

Widespread reform of product liability laws has taken place in the Asia-Pacific region since the 2nd edition was published. Part of satisfying a foreign client’s needs, is understanding the legal environment in which they operate. With the globalisation of the commercial and legal marketplaces, legal practitioners must have knowledge of other legal systems in which their clients’ operate. The reach of product liability has become worldwide in the 21st century. This book provides in one volume that knowledge.




Table of Cases

Table of Statutes

Introduction – John Goldring


Stuart Clark and Jocelyn Kellam


Ly Tayseng


Susan Paul and Peter J Cavanagh


Weining Zou and Xiaochun Wang


Rodon King

Hong Kong

Allan CY Leung


Karnika Seth


Duane J Gingerich


Luke Nottage and Hiroyuki Kano

Republic of Korea

Eui Jae Kim and Hyung-Joon Park


Bruno Nunes


Lim Chee Wee and Ravneet Kaur Gill


Thida Aye and James Finch

New Zealand

Robert Gapes

Papua New Guinea

Erik Andersen


Hector M de Leon, Jr


Lawrence Teh

Sri Lanka

John Wilson


Matt Liu, CY Huang


Alastair Henderson and Surapol Srangsomwong

United States

Kenneth Ross and Professor J David Prince

US-Affiliated Pacific Island Jurisdictions

Craig Miller


John Ridgway


John E King and Tu Ngoc Trinh

Product Liability Insurance

Kemsley Brennan and Chris Lees

Conclusion Trends Towards Strict Liability and Consumer Product Safety Regulation

David Harland and Luke Nottage

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