The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 13, Issue 2

Published November 2018

Harvey T Strosberg, QC

Judicial Scrutiny of Third Party Litigation Funding Agreements in Canadian Class Actions
Matt Malone

Class Proceedings and the Future of Boilerplate in Consumer Contracts: Unconscionability as a Common Law Solution to Class Action Avoidance
Nicholas Reynolds

“Cost-Shifting” and Access to Justice: A Quantitative Review of Certification Motion Cost Awards in Ontario
Brandon Pasternak

The Increasing Settlement Costs of Mass Privacy Breaches
Barry Glaspell

The Fourth Dimension to Class Actions: Access to a Meaningful Benefit
Catherine Piché

Book Review: The Class Actions Controversy: The Origins and Development of the Ontario Class Proceedings Act by Suzanne Chiodo
Craig E Jones

Book Review: Class Actions in Canada: The Promise and Reality of Access to Justice by Jasminka Kalajdzic
Celeste Poltak

Our Aging CPA: It’s Time for Ontario to “Opt-In” to a Modern Global Class-Actions Framework
Madeleine Brown

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