The Canadian Class Action Review: Volume 2, Issue 1

Published July 2005

Class Proceedings as a Framework for Employee and Retiree Claims
Michael D. Wright and Simon Archer

The Impact of Aggregate Assessments of Damages on Certification Motions
Laura K. Fric and Timothy M. Morgan

Class Action Damages: Assessing Aggregate Damages in Class Action Litigation
Harvin Pitch and Matthew Sokolsky

Class Action Fairness Act of 2005: A Canadian Perspective
William V. Sasso and Jacqueline A. Horvat

Backburners and Bellwethers: Comparing Class Actions and Test Cases
David Klein and Douglas Lennox

Efficient Administration in Class Actions
Teri Prince

Why the Defendant’s Own Alternative Dispute Resolution Process Cannot Be a Preferable Procedure
Gary D. Watson and Derek McKay

Preliminary Motions In Class Proceedings: Certification And Other Contenders
Ian F. Leach

BOOK REVIEW: The Class Action in Common Law Legal Systems: A Comparative Perspective by Rachael Mulheron
Craig Jones

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